Flooding Insurance UK

Due to climate change, the chance of Flooding is fast becoming a way of life for many Home Owners. At the present moment in the United Kingdom, there are more than two million homes that are at risk from Coastal or Inland Flooding. Of this number, some 400,000 home buildings have a very high chance of Flooding. When ask for a Home Insurance Quotation, all insurers will ask you about the possibility of Flooding or if you property is situated on a Flood Plain. It may be possible that you will not be able to obtain Home insurance or are asked to pay higher excess.

The financial impacts of flooding would be catastrophic with out insurance being in place and it is unbelievable that many homeowners still do not insure their building. It is difficult to imagine a flood in your own property, but witness the TV pictures from Boscastle in Cornwall a while ago and you can see the damage flooding can cause to property. Insurers estimate that a fairly typical flood claim costís them anywhere between £10- £30,0000 but this can double if the extent of ď deep water lasts in excess of two days. Each year the Uk insurance industry pays pout between £500 million and £1 billion in weather related claims. In some cases insurance companies will extend Flood cover to homeowners but only if the chance of flooding is infrequent. If it is possible to obtain cover, certainly a higher premium will be payable.

Building Insurance Rating

Insurers rate by postcode; as soon as you tell them where you live they will have access to details regarding the possibility of Flooding in your area, however donít rely on the building insurer having full information, you must certainly alert them to information such as you proximity to rivers, canals, water courses etc and questions relating to Flooding must be closely studied on the insurers proposal forms. In the event of claim it pays to have all essential information to hand including your insurance companies telephone number. Most now operate a 24 hour claims hotline and it is advisable to notify them of a loss as quickly as possible. What can you do to minimise a Flood Loss - floods frequently happen at night and in the dark, keep all essential information in a waterproof bag and it pays to keep a battery operated torch.

  • Keep all of your valuable important documents ( driving licence, passport, marriage certificates, share certificates etc in plastic bags and preferably in an upstairs room.

  • Keep in a safe place a note of your important telephone numbers, especially your insurance company (don't forget to make a note of the policy number)

  • If you believe flooding to be likely at your home, following an alert, try to move your valuable items upstairs.

  • If you own a car or a motorcycle, try to move it to higher ground

  • Remember, Floodwater is often contaminated, try to avoid it as much as possible.